Welcome to the Greer Team!

When you accept an assignment, you become our employee or associate. We expect you to take your commitment to satisfying the client company as seriously as we do.

What we do.

Explain the requirements of the assignment in detail, including:

  • Work expected
  • Hours assigned
  • Location of assignment
  • Dress code
  • Pay rate

What we expect.

  • Complete your assignment in its entirety and to the best of your ability.
  • Let your Greer representative know as soon as possible if you are asked to perform tasks that differ from what you were told.
  • Arrive on time or a little early.
  • Complete time records accurately.
  • Dress for success. Keep in mind that what you wear is as important as what you say. Dress professionally, conservatively, and appropriately for the assignment.
  • Call Greer if you are unable to report to work or if you need to leave your assignment for any reason. Failure to do so may result in your being terminated from the assignment.
  • If you are injured on the job, contact Greer immediately.

Let your Greer representative know if any of the following should arise:

Time-Off Requests or Sickness

Let us know if you need to schedule an interview outside of your assignment due to a doctor appointment, family emergency, etc. Please inform us in advance so that we can make scheduling arrangements with our client. If you are sick and unable to report to work, please contact your manager at Greer and, whenever possible, the company you are assigned to as well.

Client Opportunities

Call your Greer representative if a career opportunity presents itself at the client site. Do not contact the client directly about the opportunity. Call your Greer representative so that we can obtain the information for you and represent you to the client. You may jeopardize your opportunity and create an unprofessional impression with the client.

Giving Notice

If you receive an offer for another position, please contact us immediately. We will arrange a notice so that you can complete your assignment on good terms.

More about working for The Greer Group

Timesheets and Payroll

E-Portal for Time Entry

You may be asked to report your time via our portal. You will be given a login and password to access this secured site. You can enter your time daily and the supervisor authorized on your assignment will approve your time via the portal. All time must be completed and approved by Monday at 9:00 a.m.

Please fax your client-signed timesheet to 919-571-7450 or email it to timesheets@thegreergroup.com. If you are unable to fax or email your timesheet, it is your responsibility to telephone your Greer representative with hours worked for that week; however, you must turn in a signed timesheet before receiving a paycheck.

Payroll Procedures

You will be paid the Friday following your first week’s assignment via pay card or direct deposit to your personal bank account. Additional timesheets can be found under the forms page.

Download Timesheet

The following items are necessary to process payroll:

  • Completed federal and state tax forms. If you need to change your deductions, you can download new tax forms and fax them to our office completed and signed.
  • A completed federal I-9 form with approved identification is legally required within three days of beginning work as a Greer associate.

Direct Deposit

The Greer Group, Inc. offers direct deposit. You will be required to complete a form and provide Greer with a voided check for bank account confirmation. For more information or questions, please call The Greer Group and ask to speak with your Client Service Manager.


Pay Card

The Greer Group, Inc. also offers a debit card as another payment option. You will be required to complete a form that will explain the terms, fees, etc., of this program. For more information or questions, please call The Greer Group and ask to speak with your Client Service Manager.

Time Reporting Process

Download Timesheet

All time is due by 9:00 a.m. on Mondays!

*Please note that if you accept an assignment with The Greer Group after signing up for direct deposit or the Pay Card, your account information will remain in affect with Greer indefinitely. Associates must notify their Client Service Manager to confirm your deposit information is correct when a new assignment begins. It is the associate’s responsibility to make sure the information is up to date! If your account is closed or overdrawn, it is up to the bank’s discretion to return the money. Greer requires 7 days to change from one option to the other or to make changes to another bank account not on file.

Our payroll representative, Becki Duncan, is available to answer your payroll questions during business hours.

Policies and Procedures

For our entire employee handbook, please choose the following based on your state of employment:

Phone Calls and Computer Use

Personal calls while you are on assignment are not permitted unless there is a true emergency. Internet use is for business purposes only. Personal calls or unauthorized computer use will be grounds for termination. Cell phones should not be used while on assignment with Greer clients.

Inclement Weather Policy

If you feel it is unsafe to report for your assignment, call Greer and leave a voicemail for your Greer representative before you are expected to report for work. The message should indicate whether you have already called the client company. Unless otherwise stated, work days missed due to inclement weather are unpaid.


There will be times when you may need to schedule an interview outside of your assignment. Please inform us in advance so that we can make scheduling arrangements with our client. If you receive an offer for another position, please contact us immediately. We will arrange a notice so that you can complete your assignment on good terms.

Pay Rate and Salary

Your compensation is based on your skills, experience and requirements. Do not discuss your pay rate or salary requirements with any client or other associates. Your assignment will be terminated if you discuss compensation with anyone other than a Greer representative.

Terms of Representation

If you are assigned or referred to a client any time within a 12-month period, you may not accept an assignment or position with that client or an affiliate of that client without notifying The Greer Group. The company to which you have been assigned has a legal responsibility to work through Greer to rehire or hire you within a specific period of time.


Our employees’ safety is a top priority! If you are injured on the job, please let your client assignment supervisor know immediately and contact your Greer representative. If you are asked to do something you feel is unsafe, stop and contact Greer immediately. Failure to report an incident could result in termination.

Call-in Availability Policy

If your assignment ends for any reason and you wish to remain an active associate with The Greer Group, Inc./The Greer Group Staffing, Inc., you must follow up with us to make us aware of your availability for future employment. Our call-in policy is as follows. You have three ways to notify Greer of your availability.

  • Email Careers@thegreergroup.com. Include your name and current phone number in body of email with dates available.
  • Call any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Greer availability line at 919-747-2737.
  • You must call or email once per week to continue your availability.

This information will be documented when you call in and will become part of your personnel file. Each time we contact you, and when employment is offered to you, the outcome is also noted in our system. Your status for receiving unemployment benefits could be jeopardized by your not following this policy.

Emergency Contact Information

If you are ill or face an unexpected emergency that will prevent you from reporting to your assignment, call Greer immediately at 919-571-0051 and speak with the representative who assigned you. If you call after normal business hours, leave a detailed message with your telephone number in our voicemail and our on-call representative will call you. We will contact the client for you. If you are working on a long-term assignment, it may be appropriate for you to call the client as well as your Greer representative.